Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.


So, you ask, why are you creating a FAQ when nobody has even asked anything? Future reference, and a punk-rock mentality. See, first question is answered already.

1. What the hell is This Space Intentionally Left Blank anyways?

It’s a wall to write on, a place to write random thoughts, a podium to shout to the world on. Sure, it may be a relatively obscure part of the world, but the world nonetheless.

3. Why did you start this anyways?

We were bored.

4. How did this start, anyway?

Smart guy, eh? It was started by a conversation that went something along these lines, sometime late at night:

“Let’s start a blog.”
“What kind of blog?”
“Something we can put whatever the fuck we want on it, whether it be comics, drabbles, long, drawn out rants, and still looks aesthetically clean. You in?”
“I’m always in.”

5. Do you really expect people to read this blog?

No, not really. But it’s always nice to have a place where your random ideas can be expressed, right?

6. Someone sent me a link to this place. It sucks.

That’s not really a question, now is it?

7. Can I write on your blog? I have some pretty damn interesting thoughts as well.

To state the obvious, check out the “Write for us” page.

8. Don’t you ever run out of ideas?

Totally, dude. That’s why there’s upwards of five of us.


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