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Music and lyrics

Sure, you can stand under her umbrella under the condition that this misery business won’t go down swinging, sugar. I heard somewhere that tears dry on their own, is that true? Maybe a big yellow taxi will pick me up and I’ll remember how clumsy I felt when I let my dreams be dreams. There’s no such thing as the real world, he sang along to some song… and a way back into love is just hard to find these days. We’ll get stronger when we realise that what goes around comes around, and if we break the night with colour we’ll understand that the headlines are only made by ordinary people. For you I will, because it’s more than words what’s inside! Here comes the sun, shining like a star. But don’t let it linger too much. Back at square one, she’ll notice how broken her choux pastry heart was and she’ll agree with my thought about fluorescent adolescents that woke up upside down at 4 in the morning. For seven days in sunny june I believed that you looked great in my arms. I guess it was my wake up call. It’s no secret, I won’t go home without you. He was so torn on that sunday morning, everything he wanted was to go home. Hey there Delilah, don’t you think that listening to those sweet words was completely crazy? Open your eyes, in 1985 she was your lovefool. I have diamonds on the inside, do you? Geez, my bittersweet faith keeps telling me it was an honest mistake, just like eating glass. But I guess that a piece of me wants a butterfly to fly again, so glamorous in its own true colors

What are you listening to?


7 Comments on “Music and lyrics”

  1. duh? says:

    not cool.

  2. foreverett says:

    I think you should idk maybe put the artist of these songs

    its more poetry to me but it could have been better if it had more of a message but i enjoyed the use of song titles

    have you tired making it int a topic that correlates with a specific type of music
    now that there would be pretty BA if i say so myself but thats just me

  3. Maria Isabel says:

    Actually, I wanted to write something that made sense with the titles of the songs, but after I started it just seemed clear to me that it didn’t have to make sense at all. I think Ananta would qualify it as a bunch of non sequiturs. Also, I was incredibly bored.

    Artists, in order of song titles: Rihanna, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Amy Winehouse, Counting Crows, Fergie, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore, Kayne West, Justin Timberlake, Richard Ashcroft, Spice Girls, John Legend, Teddy Geiger, Westlife, The Beatles, Corinne Bailey Rae, The Cranberries, Coldplay, Corinne Bailey Rae, Arctic Monkeys, Jack Johnson, Gwen Stefani, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue, Maroon 5, Natalie Imbruglia, Maroon 5, Michael Bublé, Plain White T’s, Norah Jones, Alanis Morisette, Snow Patrol, Bowling for Soup, The Cardigans, Ben Harper, Bitter Sweet, The Bravery, Bloc Party, Brit Spears, Corinne Bailey Rae, Fergie, Phil Collins.

  4. foreverett says:

    Makes sense
    sounds cool thanks for the claification

  5. david says:

    maria find a way to contact me now. >:O WHAT INSTANT MESSENGER DO YOU USE?!!!

  6. Maria Isabel says:

    David! I only use MSN now, no more yim or aim! I tried emailing you, guess you don’t check that right?

  7. Graciela says:

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