Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.


This is a blog in which whatever that comes to our minds, and that we can somewhat eloquently write out in a single blog post, is going.

At least I’m not lying to you, saying, “THIS BLOG CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE“, or, “THIS BLOG IS THE HOME OF THE NEW HEMINGWAY” (or whatever great author’s name you want there). However, if it does, email me or something. It’s either going to be a bad thing or a way to scrounge up a little cash. This Space Intentionally Left Blank contains and will contain random drabbles, drawn-out rants, raves, or essays, poetry that can only be described as “emotional”, and other miscellaneous forms of the written, or in this case, typed word. Things are written here so that ideas are kept somewhere other than our ridiculously cramped minds. Either that, or we had nothing else to do. A group journal, of sorts; one that doesn’t contain reiterations of one’s day, at least, not without some sort of analysis or bad joke to go along with it.

You’re not supposed to “get it”. Blogs these days are comprehensive, easy-to-read, and all of those other things that are supposed to be good about a blog. We don’t make much sense, see, posts here are either esoteric, convoluted, or something else, and I suppose that would set us apart, not that it was intentional or anything. Most people blog about the nuances of everyday life, or maybe a topic they find so absolutely fascinating that they can’t help but write pages upon pages of it. That’s fine. Awesome. I read a lot of those. This Space Intentionally Blank is just filled with bits of prose or poetry instead of what someone’s cat did when someone accidentally fed it a Milk Bone. Though this goes without saying that there might be posts like that. Who am I to speak of minds different to mine? Their ideas deserve some sort of exposure, sometimes, no matter how weird they might be, and this is the place for it.

To reiterate, some of the things posted might be pure shit. I’ll admit it right now. Some pretentious literary critic asshole (who’d criticize me for using two nouns there) might waltz in, skim the passages, and criticize the sentence structure, shit syntax, stupid soliloquys, and other things that frankly shouldn’t matter when all you’re trying to do is express yourself. Yeah, all we’re here to do is write.

~ A


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    hey tata

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