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Screaming Car Alarms

All around her was gray, and brown, and a dirty color that might have once been called green. A car alarm was going off, somewhere to her right.

Molly looked down and frowned as sticky sweetness dripped onto her hands. That was no good, letting the wonderful treat waste away. She so rarely got something like she was holding in her hands – a rainbow Popsicle, to be precise – and she wanted to savor every drop.

She glanced up as another car alarm went off, this one right in front of her, and was rewarded with the whole Popsicle sliding off.

Molly glanced at the sticky stick. The newly-colored ground. The car.

Reaching a decision in no time at all (in the true fashion of young children everywhere), Molly threw the stick at the car and was rewarded with a startled look from the robber pillaging the rickety old thing.

Molly giggled, then frowned as she realized her Popsicle was still on the ground.

She looked at it again, a rapidly melting blot of color on the dirty expanse of gray concrete, totally out of place in her world of grungy grays.

Molly promptly burst into tears.


One Comment on “Screaming Car Alarms”

  1. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    I really liked this, especially since you used “sticky” and “stick” consecutively. xD

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