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Ridiculum is the noun form of ridiculous that I just now invented.  This is because I’ve decided that the word ridiculousness is just ridiculous; and ridiculum sounds much cooler.  So take that, Merriam fucking Webster.

Aside from my current state of experiencing ridiculum…

Actually that’s pretty much an accurate way to label all that is going on.  Applications, work, school, art, and bullshit.  Lots of it. 

<unrelated>Mr. Bill’s neck is breakable.</unrelated>


One Comment on “Ridiculum”

  1. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    ridiculum – noun – something that is outrageous, lame, overwhelming, or ridiculous. i.e. “The teacher was flabbergasted when one of his students claimed that his curriculum was really just ridiculum, and that it was just a complete waste of time.”

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