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Chance Encounters of the First Kind

I finished writing this like an hour ago just so I wouldn’t get to rusty with my script writing, or my directing while we’re on break from “Ghosts”. This is a rough draft so there are some typos and I’d be incredibly thankful for any constructive criticism I could get from you guys. Here’s hoping there’s not a Youtube comment argument on here.



There is an ambient nature surrounding this day. The sun shines through an overcast sky and into a boy’s living room. He is dressed in an ordinary t-shirt and jeans with his hair a mess. He gazes blankly out into the distance.

MOM(O.S.): Alex, would you like to go to the store for me?

There is a momentary pause before Alex turns his head and says quite plainly…

ALEX: Sure.


Alex pulls into a nearly empty parking lot, blasting “She” by Green Day on his radio. He finds a space near the cart return station, a GIRL dressed in a red polo sits on the rail next to it, drinking something out of a Styrofoam cup.

He is in the process of pulling in when he notices a stray cart in his spot. The girl signals for him to hang on as she rises and moves it out of the way and puts it in its place.

Alex pulls in, turns down the radio and turns off the car. He gathers all of his things before stepping out of the car. He notices the girl again as he locks it.

ALEX: Thanks for that.

GIRL: No problem. I was just getting off my break anyway.

ALEX: Ah, I see. So you were just trying to enjoy what little time you have to yourself in these hard days. Forgive me for this disrupting.

The girl nods awkwardly before taking a sip of her drink and starting on her way back to the store. Alex notices the label on the cup.

ALEX: So you like smoothies?

GIRL: Yep.

ALEX: Tasty…

They continue walking for a time without speaking a word to each other. Eventually they reach the door and are about to walk in when Alex says…

ALEX: Hey. I almost forgot to ask while I’ve got you here. Could you help me find the frozen dinners?

GIRL: Oh, they’re easy to find. Just walk to the frozen foods section and there’ll be a big sign for frozen dinners.

Alex laughs half-heartedly as he attempts to suppress his embarrassments.

ALEX: Could you be a little more specific? I don’t come here often and, frankly, this place is a bit of a maze.

GIRL: (Under her breath) You’re such a liar.

ALEX: Excuse me?

GIRL: I see you here every Saturday in that kick-ass car. You always to try to look as casual as possible so you’re not all that noticeable but I always seem to catch you out of the corner of my eye, never to far from my register. You buy a DVD, a Lean Cuisine, and two books. And no matter how long line is or how many of them are out of order you always go to my self-check out center.

ALEX: Is there a point to all of your observations?

GIRL: You’re stalking me.

ALEX: Really?

GIRL: Essentially, yes.

ALEX: Well, from everything I just heard I could say the same thing about you.

She looks away from her, entirely tense she has a noticeably difficult time coming up with a response.

ALEX: Listen. It’s cool if you don’t want to talk to me. There are just sometimes when you regularly see someone who seems… interesting. And you can’t help but want to know them. I just figured this time I’d take the chance. I’ll just go if you don’t want me here.

Alex starts back towards his car with a look of slight defeat in his eyes.

GIRL: Hey.

Alex turns around.

 GIRL: You can’t just leave without the stuff you came for. I’ll take you to wherever this time. Okay?

ALEX: (approaching) Should I be suspicious? That was an strangely rapid change of opinion.

GIRL: No, it wasn’t. It’s like you said, I’ve been looking out for you too.

ALEX: Thank God. That was just a shot in the dark.

She giggles. He smiles.

As the two of them start on their way as the conversation continues; eyes brightening, life springing into them.

ALEX: So what is your name, anyway?

GIRL: You’re an awfully lazy stalker. My name tag says Delilah.

ALEX: Wow. That names almost as pretty as you are.

DELILAH: (laughing) Oh my God. So cliché.

ALEX: I try.

DELILAH: Try harder.

ALEX: Alright, alright. No need to be so picky…

The pair continue talking. As they enter the store their voices start to fade with the scene. They are left with a glimmer of hope.



One Comment on “Chance Encounters of the First Kind”

  1. A says:

    I really don’t think enough people read this site to have some sort of youtube-esque “discussion.”

    It’s well written. Kind of predictable, but well written.

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