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Haha, I accidently published this without adding a title

A has been bugging me because I haven’t really posted, mainly because I don’t have much to post about due to the protective cocoon of summer.

So, here it goes:

Some of us are very passionate about certain things. Actually, I hope everyone is passionate about something, because life seems kind of boring without them. However, some of us carry our passions quite far in certain directions and react very viscerally and emotionally to any insult to them, real or percieved.

My question is, I suppose, how much other people should be expected to cater to these particular emotional sensitivities.

At the considerable risk of miring this post in the details of my personal life, I will provide an anecdote. One of my now former friends, who I’ll call T*, reacted with extreme anger to a perceived insult to his area of passion and took a some entirely incongruent actions against the person. I basically called T out on being an asshat (which would probably explain the “former” title).  In the course of me being rather self-righteous and judgmental, I made a statement which was not carefully considered.

“Society should not be expected to cater to the particular emotional reactions of any particular person.”

It was a pretty badly-worded vague statement, so I’ll elaborate further. Particular emotional reactions refers to non-universal reactions such as person A going ballistic because Person B said Band C was better than Band D, to provide a particularly trite example.  By no means am I referring to someone becoming sad because a family member is dying of terminal cancer.

Should we cater to these types of emotional sensitivities? Should we forgive more easily or generally act less harsh towards someone for acting badly as a result of that emotional sensitivity?

Obviously there are utilitarian reasons for doing so, but I’m not particularly interesed in those.

In the end, I still maintain that we shouldn’t. I’m a bit of a jerk though.

*There’s no point in speculating on what T stands for.


One Comment on “Haha, I accidently published this without adding a title”

  1. Luis Flores says:

    Well that was quite ambiguous for a plain statement. :]

    Yes. Cater to those sensitivities. It’s a small price to pay.

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