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You know the feeling when you’re watching something you absolutely do not feel like watching?

Like a boring baseball match when you’re stuck for hours in an airport lounge. Yeah. The worst part of it? You don’t have the remote in your hands so you can’t change the channel. And no, you cannot just go and ask somebody to change to channel, so… you’re stuck watching whatever you’re watching, even though you don’t feel like watching it.

I know. Crappy.

So, yeah. That’s… me. Watching something unfold before my eyes (ok, not really), and sometimes wishing I had that damn remote in my hands.


2 Comments on “Click”

  1. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    is this from the movie click? that was actually a pretty sad movie. anyway, sometimes i wish i had a remote too, like, for example, when i go to New Orleans tomarrow. 5 days of gutting houses…oh the agony.

  2. Maria Isabel says:

    No, it’s not from the movie, I just wrote that. And Click was sad, but in a good kind of way. And YES, I wish I had that remote too sometimes, just for the sake of it!

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