Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.

strange seas

Some things never change.

I still love the sound of rainstorm late at night as I lie awake in my bed. I still love the sight of a sky full of stars on a moonless night and the feel of hot water running down my neck in the shower. I’ll always love the smell of a woman’s delicate perfume and the undefinable taste of a cool glass of ice water on a hot summer day. All these little physical moments and memories will stay with me, simple and unchanging.

But then some things do change.

The way people you’ve known your whole life look at you or talk to you changes often. How people want you to be and how you want to be is never constant. Most of the things in your life will always be the same, but people are never the same. Sometimes people will just drop from your life without warning, or lose that light in their eye that you knew and loved. And then you can change too. You could turn that next corner in your life and become everything you had sworn you would never be. Does it ever stop? Or do you eventually become numb to it all, indifferent to who’s around you and who you really are at the core.

The physical things around me are my anchor and the people and my thoughts are the currents and tides coming and going, shifting me around. I can’t decide if I should let go. All I know is, either way, the storm of life will sweep me away someday. Where will I wash up? that’s the part that scares me.


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