Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.

Catch a Burning Star as the Night Sky Smiles

The world was black and green and white, and Nita was laughing for the first time in weeks. When she realized this, and realized that Kit must have been planning this whole thing for nearly as long as she hadn’t been laughing, she was startled into more jubilant laughter and the beginning of tears.

They were running, leaping, stumbling, all from their haste, and it was the best damn adrenaline rush Nita had ever had, even after the past few years fighting ambivalence and evil. No Powers That Be right behind her, no twisted cabs hunting her, no sharks after her flesh.

No racing against the clock.

Nita glanced at Kit, grinned even harder at the sight of him, all sweat and smiles and pure joy.

It was ecstasy.

Then another one fell, closer this time; the white streaked across the ink dark sky, burning afterimages into their eyes and outshining even the brightest of stars far above them. For once, Nita didn’t pause to wonder what the stars were or how far away they were or how tight the Lone Power’s grip on those far-away worlds was. Her attention was on the brilliant light of the burning meteorite, the jubilant aura emanating from Kit, the tears of joy and receding pain carving paths down her flushed face.

Nita laughed again, allowed the feeling of simple joy to envelope her, made a mental note to thank Kit profusely.

In the meantime, they had a falling star to catch.

The night sky watched them, the stars the lone witnesses to their momentary happiness, and in a world much closer to the heart of time, someone smiled.


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