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Well, it sure has been a while.

I haven’t been to this website in quite some time and it occurs to me that some of the newer writers and readers may have absolutely no clue who I am.  So allow me to get on with the formalities:

My pen name is Jolly Numbskull.  A and I were the original writers for This Space Intentionally Left Blank (though it is entirely A’s brainchild).  I have been absent.  I am an artist and a musician and also far too involved in social dramatics; needless to say, I’m rather busy.  This is not to say that I have lost my love of the written word; it’s more that I haven’t had time to post my writings, drafted in my journal, to the internet. 

Reading through A’s recent posts, I see that he’s moved further towards becoming the serene raconteur that his posts showed signs of when I began my all-too-long hiatus.  I can see how his style has matured; I can see how he loosened up and then refined the product. 

If I were to become a more active blogger, the content of my posts would definitely lean more towards stances on society, morals, and even just the rantings supplied by the restless self-depricating brain that generates my words and action.  Also, I will stay away from the “Who am I?” topic that I was so adament about a few years back.

Man, this site sure has grown.  I remember when we were struggling to get readers.  It used to be that the only people that read the posts were the ones that were also posting them.

Congratulations, A. 

If anyone wants to contact me just shoot an e-mail at me.  I will respond, I always check my e-mail:

Thanks for reading,  



2 Comments on “Well, it sure has been a while.”

  1. Joshua James says:

    Nice post you’ve made there. Hopefully, I’ll get to see more of this jolly rancher around soon.

  2. A says:

    raconteur. that’s new.

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