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I heard today that it’s better to sleep at, say, ten pm and wake up at two am rather than from two am to six, but I’ve gone ahead and forgone sleep altogether.

At least, that’s what I was doing two weeks ago. For three months, I stayed on a very steady four am to one-ish sleep schedule. I’d also wake up with ridiculous sinus pains, but I had always figured it had nothing to do with the whole sleeping a third of the day away thing. It worked for a sedentary lifestyle; I’d wake completely delirious and more than once due to a phone call, then go take care of that hygeine business and whatnot before starting my morning in the afternoon. One can argue that there’s nothing better than being young and lazy, when you can while away the day on a single whim, but that’s hardly conducive to life in that nine-to-five “real world”, or, in my case, eight-to-three. If I really think about it, probably the only time I saw the sun rise (as in, out a window or while sitting on a rooftop or whatnot) within those two months was because of being at an Always Open Restaurant an hour or so before. The Attentive Reader can understand where I’m going with this (the Speed Reader is already past this sentence and onto the final line, but that’s neither here nor there). For the past two weeks, I’ve been running on four hours of sleep, and I’ve been doing this pretty much unwillingly. The brain has been fried and the whole “writer’s block” thing seems to get more real.

Being forced out of nocturnalism is a lot like getting punched in the stomach. Whatever got you to that moment probably wasn’t a good idea to begin with.


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