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The blank face of the infinite black expanse is a frame, the unblinking eyes it displays holding no expression. A large empty box, unfillable. And yet, light attempts the impossible task, leaping into the blackness, suspended by waning momentum. For a brief moment, the blank face stares back. Then, as if to proove all wrong, the light bursts forth in a frantic display of hues. A paste of glitter clouds the frame. Golden, red, and purple sparks dance on the edge of emptiness, as if there is no end, as if they will continue to exist in mid-air and forever shine their fervent light upon the world. Echos boom, telling all what is happening, telling all to look. And then, exhausted, the fragments slide down in a cascade, wiped off of the lifeless background by the cruel hand of gravity. The ghost remaining is quickly swept aside by another invisible force, never again to challenge fate. This moment, this infinitely small fraction of infinity, leaves not a trace to be remebered by. The face continues to stare, oblivious to all it has witnessed. Never again will this arragement of elements occur in the exact way it was just shown. Noone will ever see it again.

Such is humanity.


One Comment on “Lifeworks”

  1. m says:

    i could totally picture all of the colors and actions occuring within the scene.

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