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one hundred word run-on sentence

She begins to write.

“It’s four in the morning and I can’t sleep because I just want to know what happened to you and what happened to us, but maybe I’m just being paranoid since you’re probably one of the few that I can talk to with ease even though you probably don’t care as much as me; see I can hardly fathom the possibility if what was said, what I told you and what you listened to was true, if that one thought came to fruition, so instead I said goodbye, and just like that you were off to something grand as I laid there at four in the morning, wide awake.”

It is all she musters.

The soul is laid bare in front of the oblivious, unbiased audience of ink on paper.


One Comment on “one hundred word run-on sentence”

  1. m says:

    like it. i dunno why tho. could it be the scene could be applied to anyone in a various amount of situations? or….maybe its just me feeling like i could apply it to me lol

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