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I don’t know whether or not the site for a novella called “week.” getting a consistent (by consistent, I of course mean three days in a row) 7 views per day is the definition of “amusing” or “fitting”, but damn if I won’t use that as a segue for something else.

For at least the past few days I’ve been thinking of going through the endeavor of writing another novel, (this time maybe an actual one instead of a novella) and so far all I have is a compilation of what has been written here for the past few months, copy-pasted into a still unsaved Microsoft Word document. It was a half-assed attempt at reading through them, trying to find some ideas in the ways of  a plotline, the development of characters, and all of that other bullshit that’s standard in fiction. On a seemingly unrelated note, I’ve been using the word “bullshit” as a casual synonym for “things” mainly because I find it to be a much more interesting word. What I have so far in the workings of my mind is a vague collection of notions that I’ve yet to find a way to both flesh out and get in words, the workings of a story (or rather, various scenes), as well as things from “real life” interesting enough to convolute and use. It’s proving to be a hassle, as I’ve yet to concoct any real ideas.

Maybe soon. Maybe consider this a holdover until something “good”.


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