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stupid joke (also, my 100th post)

“I don’t know, Steph, it’s ten minutes to three in the morning and I really don’t feel like thinking introspectively right now.”

Derek readjusts himself after his statement, the metal patio chair scraping the wooden porch as he makes his imprecise movements. The sound of it grates Stephanie’s eardrums. The porch is lit by a paper lantern, positioned so that the three sitting on it see each other without revealing their physical imperfections. They are surrounded by an almost foreboding darkness, the tension of it all cracked by the cadence of conversation and the concert of music drifting from the indoors. Derek takes a drag from a cigarette that has been lit for the past five minutes, the ashes of it falling lazily, partly onto the ground and partly onto the armrests of his chair. He takes a breath. “I’m pretty sure Tim has some bullshit answer to that, though.”

“What?” Tim replies, snapped from an eyes-open slumber.

“Your greatest flaw,” Stephanie responds, in a manner that only psychiatrists had mastered. The minutes that pass after her question annoy her. Stephanie picks at the rubberized casing of her cellular telephone, a nervous habit that showed no signs of stopping. Smoke fills the air, alongside it, the stench of nicotine. “That’s a terrible habit, by the way.” she says, towards Derek.

“Do you want me to look through your room for ziploc bags of ‘herbs’?” He responds, mockingly. “I mean, I’ll go inside right now…”

“Shush. So, do you have an answer, Tim?” Stephanie asks, to change the subject.

“My greatest flaw? That’s simple.” Tim pauses. “I can’t finish what I start.”

[note: so after further review it turns out that this was actually my 100th post on this blog, which is actually kind of momentous if you really think about it. i’m sort of surprised i haven’t noticed until now, but it kind of feels somewhat fitting. who knows, maybe this whole post will be replaced by a new version of my first post here. that would be kind of funny if i got off my lazy ass and did that. here’s to 100 more posts! and me noticing when i hit 200!]

actually i’ll just tack it on here.

“The original introduction post was dug up from the catacombs of This Space Intentionally Left Blank between the time it was posted last year to just about right now.

Here we go. This Space Intentionally Left Blank is going to be a blog in which myself, that dude jolly numb skull, and hopefully some other writers will post pretty much whatever comes to our mind. That means bad fiction, poems, drawn-out or half-baked rants, et cetera, ad nauseum. Some might end up being shit, while others could turn out to be pure gold. We’ll see about that.

We’re not here to shout to the world (some of us might), or carry out a specific agenda to become internet superstars (again, some of us might). We’re just escaping the daily grind with written word. Or at least, I am.”


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