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Inspiration and assorted things

Yo, I’m 33, I’m a new writer for this blog, and this is the post I should have written a few days ago, but lacked the will power to actually do.

Inspiration is a finicky thing which strikes at random moments but doesn’t stay for too long. I have been badgering myself for the past few days to write something for this blog, but what that “something” would be has eluded me until today. Unfortunately, it apparently does not like me enough to stay until I had access to a computer.

Sometimes I feel a random urge to write. They usually hit either when I’m feeling particularly miserable or particularly whimsical, resulting in either a story which is really a thinly veiled description of reality or some random story about giant centipedes from outer space, respectively. However, they usually go away pretty fast when not acted upon, and the post I was supposed to write earlier only got halfway written because of this weird mental quirk.

Nonetheless, I tried, and two and a half hours later I wound up with a rather poor piece of writing whose main point was obscured by the excessive verbiage used to set up the story to get to the main point, rendering it extremely boring. Maybe I’ll post it later, after extensive editing. Maybe I’ll add ninjas to make it exciting.

I suppose one important conflict that’s preventing me from writing as well as I want to is the question of who I am writing for. Should I write like I’m writing for an audience? In that case, this is a horribly self-indulgent piece of work, and I should probably find something else to write about. Should I write like just whatever? Certainly more fun and I suppose more fitting for the theme of the blog, but people are reading this.

Finally, I think I sound too much like A. Damn it, I was never good at being original.


One Comment on “Inspiration and assorted things”

  1. kirachan17 says:

    Inspiration is a cruel bitch.

    ‘Nuff said.

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