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Hear out my voice as it calls to you,
Even though one day you’ll surely forget me.
I’ll send out my love through a message in code.
You don’t need someone like me, I’m sure,
But I can’t help but try.

Will you be able to find me?
Someone like me could just disappear, I’m sure.
This forbidding emptiness yearns to be filled, I know that
A thousand years from now, I won’t be able to describe my feelings.
So I’ll say them now.

The tattered remains of my conscience, leftover parts of my melted heart,
Won’t recover as they are.
My closed wounds are painful and my limbs grow weak.
I’ll continue to wander street corners aimlessly until you arrive.
Your siren, it echoes, it beckons.

I’ll do anything but disregard it.


2 Comments on “siren#”

  1. chartreuse says:

    remastered, restructured, rewhatevered version of this

  2. 33 says:

    I feel like that sometimes, but I’ve gotten good at ignoring it. *sardonic half-smile*

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