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on The Amazing Race, other things.

I’m often swamped with things I delayed on Sundays, and I often delay them even further between the hours of 6:50 and 8-ish. I blame “The Amazing Race”.

Yes, I do watch television, which pretty much negates any sort of image of myself as a pretentious prick who thinks himself too good for television. But, here I go digressing again. “The Amazing Race” is actually one of the shows that I can tolerate weekly, and my admitting of this contradicts my whole “finding reality television to be plebeian trite” mentality, but then again, there are always exceptions to rules. The fact that it’s real people, real drama, trekking across our awesome world, rather, It’s more the concept of it all, two people versus six or so other teams of two people. Armed with their backpacks, their wits, the money and airplane tickets provided by the network, they race around the world, yelling at each other, making stupid mistakes, and generally being the closest to authentic human beings that the reality television genre will allow. A televised adventure, if you will. I also find it freakishly entertaining to point out to myself the locales the racers find themselves in, and mark them down in a mental t-chart of “places I want to go” and “places that I’d rather not”. Much like people who sit at home, watching “Wheel of Fortune” and telling themselves that they would be damn good at “Wheel of Fortune”, I often tell myself that I (and someone else) could team up, be competent enough to not get eliminated from a T.V show on the first leg, and go see the world for a bit, and maybe win a million dollars. It seems like fun for exactly 2.51 minutes, before I realize that I’d be in the constant surveillance of a camera and quite possibly a boom mike, crack under the stress of travelling to places where speaking English extremely slowly just won’t work, and would probably make a fool of myself in front of an audience of a number the Neilsen Ratings know. That would sour the experience, just a  tad. But it would be a nice thing to do for a few weeks.

When I go on long-winded rambles such as this one, I usually have a point. I could tell you that I’m finally buckling under the weight of the life I lead, that going to the same place five days out of every week is a surefire way to create some escapist thoughts. I could say that a pressing desire to escape what is “normal” in life is proof of one’s sanity. After all, if “normal” is fine, then you are not. The funny thing about the human spirit is that it always wants more. Sure, that can be construed as “greed”, one of those deadly sins that religion always talks about. My definition of “greed”, an interpretation of the one from in this case, is excessive desire. Wouldn’t that mean that ambition is a derived form of greed? Couldn’t ambition be defined as the excessive desire to succeed?

See, when I go on long-winded rambles such as this one, I usually go off on ridiculous tangents. It’s probably because of those ten minutes before 7, during which I watch the last segment of 60 Minutes, “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney”. Maybe I’ll get to that later.


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