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Indonesia’s most popular version of Oprah is a male to female transgender. I’m not quite sure as to whether or not that’s ironic or hilarious.

It could most likely be both. It’s ironic because, in a country that is upwards of ninety percent Islamic, the person hundreds of thousands of housewives tune into is pretty much the opposite of everything that’s considered “proper”. There’s something to say for that, actually, about the whole fact that a country dominated by a religion most consider to be “restricting” (though not as restricting, as say, others?), that, like most religions nowadays, absolutely abhors homosexuality, let alone transgenderism, doesn’t. It’s just another show that gives away things to people in the audience who sit through someone talk at a ridculous speed about ridiculous topics. Some would consider it a step forward in the whole universal acceptance/mutual love for the world thing. Others would consider it a stupidly banal topic to write about. I’d like to think that I’m more the former than the latter, but I digress.

There was this quote I heard from someone as I looked through piles of t-shirts in Dubai, which has stuck to me for quite some time now. I don’t recall the voice through which the person said it, though I do remember that the person that stated it was in fact, a male. I’d like to think that he was British, but you can think whatever you’d like. He said, “If you’re not doing something wrong, there’s something wrong with you.” Difference fosters change, as many of us know, and that I’ve probably written too much about.

Oh yes, before I forget; it’s hilarious because, well, come on now, it’s a male to female transgender hosting a daytime talk show.


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