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Freeze those thoughts.

Your current achievements and failures have little to do with the determining of your pre-set magnanimous life.

You’re beautiful, charming, talented; a wealth of potential sits behind your oceaned eyes.

A small scale of it is already in view;  just wait until you hit the real world.

Skyscrapers will crumble upon the earth you walk.

It’s the same effect felt by the men that currently lie prostrate at your feet, whimpering.

It was your prevalence — it merely presented too much integral stress for their armatures to uphold.

And not once did I ever think myself worthy of even joining the other men in their tongue-in-cheek worship of you.

Throughout my role in society and in my life, the evidence to support my viewpoint is pervasive.

And now I am given the blind-siding revelation that all along I stood as the tallest skyscraper, untouchable.

This and the coupling knowledge that  my chance has long since expired.

At first, I admit complacency upon hearing the success of my attempts at conciliation through amiable fawning.

A boost in spirit that was severely transient.

This pernicious revelation has presented merely too much integral stress for my armature to uphold.

I too, have fallen prostrate.

And now the rubble and dust of my destructed body pungently fills the air.

These bits that fly in all directions — the leftovers of my destruction — exist as glycerin and turbulence.

They aim to incinerate whats left of me.

For my foolish levity, it is a fate well deserved.


2 Comments on “Freeze those thoughts.”

  1. brian says:


  2. For what it's worth. says:

    And if fate was intertwined, it would bind us together. But belief is nothing more than denial.

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