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Soul Society

This probably won’t be very coherent or even very sane, because I feel like crap and I really need to vent. Title refers to a fabulous song by Kamelot, not some religious thing.

So, I’m quite disgusted with the state of society as of late.

As in, I’m mentally screaming, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!”

Beauty is put before knowledge and respect.
Money is put before love (or any emotion, for that matter).
Power is put before life.

Stupidity reigns freely. I mean, I understand that there have to be some stupid people, but it seems like these days, it’s encouraged! As long as you’re pretty or athletic, go right on ahead and do whatever the hell you want.

Respect. People have completely, utterly, lost it. Nobody actually cares anymore. We have let the dregs of life’s teacup rule our definition of people – everything could be a scam or a hoax because of a few people with no morals. We have let beauty come to define who deserves respect and who doesn’t.

Money defines our world. More and more does the saying ‘Money makes the world go ’round’ become evident. Everything is done in the interest of money. Never other people, never the earth we’re on a fast-track to destroy, just money. Ain’t it sad?

Power. Power is almost as important as money. It corrupts so easily. Regardless of how unswayed you are by the idea of power in the beginning, it always has you dark and twisted in the end. With human nature the way it is, it’s impossible to change this. There will forever be those who are easily tempted by the ability to crush undesired ones underfoot. Sometimes literally. War is always for the sake of obtaining power. Fighting, arguing – it’s all about power.

Another thing is that we seem to have made it harder for ourselves. We’ve imposed all these manners and societal rules and all sorts of restrictions and rules on things that are important to life. It’s like we’re trying to make things more difficult on our selves! Where is the sense in that?!

It’s quite sickening, isn’t it?

Anyways, that was my lovely cynical view of the world at the moment. Pretty disjointed, huh? Oh well.


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