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a little something for the hopeless romantics

The following is called, “a little something for the hopeless romantics, or, the path through which all lovelorn travel, or, a poem that could be stereotyped as emo.” Enjoy?
(No, I don’t really feel this way. I might, but I probably don’t.)

It rips through the heart, that insatiable feeling,
It pounds, it ravages, at a constant tempo,
A shadowed hand grabbing, no, gnawing at my heart,

And I ignore it, I ignore it;

Oh, the longing, the indescribable “want”,
I’m left here clutching my thoughts,
Because they’re all I have,

And I deplore them, I deplore them;

They keep me from finding you and your persona,
They cause me to crumble at the mere thought,
Of the way you walk, the way you speak, so elegant, so serene,

And I adore her, I adore her.


2 Comments on “a little something for the hopeless romantics”

  1. kirachan17 says:

    You and your hopeless romanticism.

    I like it. :3

  2. Bel Buambua says:

    Thank you, A, for bringing romance back for us (pseudo-)lovelorns.

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