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This morning, I reached for the box of Corn Pops, grabbed a bowl, placed the Corn Pops back on the table and took a box of Lucky Charms and poured the cereal into the bowl. I then proceeded to head towards a place to sit near a television before flipping through the channels. But I digress.

Every now and then, I’m faced with a dilemma. After being perfectly content with eating bowls upon bowls of Corn Pops, I’m struck with a craving for something else. That something else, as you, you clever reader have deduced, could be Lucky Charms. What am I to do? The Corn Pops, delicious as they are, are always nearby, sitting next to my microwave. Perfect for hunger’s sudden strike. But those Lucky Charms, which would require extra effort to procure, just seem so enticing. I’m faced with the decision between regularity, that being the Corn Pops, and something that could possibly be better, though is most likely more of the same, but presented in a different way; those being Lucky Charms. The dilemma gets worse when you’ve finished a bowl of Corn Pops, and you are filled with a sense of fulfillment, or at least, some sort of satisfaction, only to be shoved a box of Lucky Charms in your face, flaunting its novelty and pointing out the prize inside, which you so happen to desire. What are you to do then? It’s too late to change your mind, you did just eat an entire bowl of Corn Pops before having Lucky Charms flaunted at you through a metaphorical bulletproof window. And that goddamned prize.

It’s not that Corn Pops are particularly bad, nor do you particularly hate them, it’s just that every now and then a bowl of Lucky Charms would be damn nice. But if you’re not offered the choice of both Corn Pops and the elusive Lucky Charms, you’re forced to eat Corn Pops by the circumstances. You don’t have any other cereals, and though that may not be such a bad thing, the circumstances can bug you.

All in all, they’re only breakfast cereals.
Freakin’ leprechaun.


2 Comments on “breakfast”

  1. A. says:

    Yes kids, this IS a bad metaphor.

  2. M. says:

    why is no one ever content with the damn corn pops?

    cant they be viewed as delicious and nutritious too?
    not to say that thats the only food people should ever eat is the corn pops because everyone knows its funner to get a suger rush from the lucky charms…something the corn pops personally regret since they can not control the amount of sugar they are made with,not that i know what its like to be a corn pop but im just saying someone should think about them little suckers

    but yea…cant corn pops have good prizes too? or maybe they are just viewed as something to hold on to for nuritional value, vaugely forgotten about during the festivites of eating corn pops, and then placed on a back shelf where they are remembered for every now and then.
    the corn pops could be afraid of losing their dedicated eater.
    idk my personal view but
    AS ALWAYS A…you made a great cheesy metaphor. lol jk jk but i like it alot….hmm i wonder who gave the push…

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