Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.

sonnet 4

[written on the margins of a notebook while zoning off during a lecture.]

The sun set over the city’s careless skyline,
I watched it as I recollected my thoughts.
I convinced my friends that everything was fine,
I would have to convince that to myself, oh, the sorrow she hath wrought.

A careless wind spoke with the ghosts on the sidewalks,
Ignoring my careless meandering of the streets.
It came to my mind once more; with a single statement during our nightly walks,
My heart shattered as I listened to others greet.

Heartbreak is for the weak, love is for suckers, I always said;
Little did I know my statements were that far from the truth.
The slow journey back to sanity was ahead,
But for now I remained uncouth.

As strong as one might be, as stoic, as cheerful, as jubilant,
Know that heartbreak transcends all that love couldn’t.

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