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I’ve been living a woken dream, never really finding anything mind-blowing, never finding anything inspirational anymore. It’s gotten to the point where I’m writing for the sake of writing, writing to the ghosts and occasional reader of this blog or the devoted (?) readers of my novel. Maybe I’ve just been too tired, spending too much time think about other things that I can’t write, can’t let loose the thoughts bottled in my mind through the use of convoluted prose.

I’m not depressed. Stressed, sure, but not depressed.

I’m not in love. Love is for suckers.

I am tired. I’ve been consistently getting less than six hours of sleep every day for the past month.

Does lethargy cause everything else to falter? Damn straight it does. I used to be able to turn a phrase, to type without missing a key, or hitting the one next to it, or press one before the other, or some other shit like that.

I need some fresh air. Sorry for the bitchery.


One Comment on “lately”

  1. Bel says:

    I’m a devoted (!) reader of your novel. You know it.

    And you’re not bitching. This is life. Besides, there’s no use trying to turn everything into a well written article…

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