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grammar? what grammar?


Thoughts have been slipping out of my mind like the fluttering scraps of paper that I pull out from my pockets and toss out into the wind; sometimes I wonder how they got there in the first place, notes that I wrote to myself and eventually forgotten when I toss that favorite pair of jeans or jacket that contains said notes into the wash, then again I often find myself wondering things that really have no merit, even in texts such as this one or the ones of my more private thoughts, which do indeed exist, but once again I’m digressing from my point; it being that each fleeting thought that I have, I haven’t managed to put down on paper or in the databases of wherever the hell stores our blog entries, and that bugs the shit out of me, mainly because of the fact that I used to be able to eloquently express my thoughts extremely well, and yet for the past weeks I’ve been left at a creative logjam with not so much as a spork to try and carve my way out of it, which actually reminds me of something my friend mentioned when I told her that I haven been experiencing the cliched ‘writer’s block’, “Maybe your mind doesn’t want to write anymore,” she said, in a nonchalant sort of way, “Maybe you’re through with all of this creative nonsense,” which of course, prompted me to write something out of spite; but that never came to fruition, which brings me back to the fact that for every mind-shattering, earth-shaking thought that I have, I forget it no more than five seconds afterwards.

And yes, that WAS a 277-word long run on sentence. I’d say week is damn near completion, by the way.

I guess this means I’m back?


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