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Standing drunk.

Poolside, screaming do or die. I looked at the water and asked it,”Who am I?”. Caught my reflection, yes, I’m super fly. And as you can guess, I’m too damn high.

What am I doing? People are trying to talk to me, and I just don’t respond. What for? There’s no reason. I just don’t. And then I guess I get kind of embarrassed so I neglect to contact them back. My minds feeling like an empty beehive. No ones there, but the walls are still filled with a resonating buzz. Personally, I can’t stand my own mind. But it’s this type of mind I’m most attracted to. I have a feeling that one day I’ll meet the female version of myself, fall in love, and never do anything about it. Because if she’s truly like myself, she’s awful with relationships; the fucking slut.

The roof of my mouth feels thick and coated like I just consumed some Starbucks Whip cream; probably dry mouth from all the smoke. I wanna sleep during the day, live during the night, breathe smoke, emanate sex, and be alright.

For a while I had stopped thinking about what I was about to say before I said it. It was liberating, didn’t feel so hallowed, and (when the things I said didn’t make me sound like a complete jackass) I’d get a little burst of self-satisfaction. But now the weed well has run dry, the works gotten tough, and it takes me almost 30 seconds to process what someones said before I can even think up a reaction.

I’m currently feeling like my house would, if personified. The lights are on, the roof is repaired. But theres still moisture under the floorboards.

I hope you’ll excuse me, I have laundry to do.


One Comment on “Standing drunk.”

  1. Bel says:

    I’m also awful with relationships. Go us, Jolly.

    “I wanna sleep during the day, live during the night, breathe smoke, emanate sex, and be alright.” Yeah, me too. Just without the smoking part. Or maybe not…

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