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on self-image and something else.

How you define yourself, what most people call your self-image, is perhaps the most integral part of your life aside from the bodily functions that prevent you from dying in various painful or embarassing ways.

I’ve seen people who call themselves vehemently original and nonconformist slowly succumb to the norm, effectively rendering their past definitons of themselves to be moot. I’ve also seen people who would be considered ‘generic’ to most find themselves a niche and bury themselves ridiculously deep into it, to the point in which I would realize, “Hey, you’re that one dude,” not five seconds within seeing the person, but within five minutes. I’m not saying this is wrong in any way, I’m merely pointing it out. “To each his own,” something I’ve started to say much more often than I should, would be fitting in this situation. I, frankly, don’t care that much about the outward appearance of a person, hell, I have a damn ugly face, and though my initial look-see of a person provides some sort of prejudice (As in, if you look stupid, you just might be), however stupid it might be, I’ll always give a person a chance to prove me wrong. This may be a really horrible, misogynistic way of thinking, but it’s working for now. It might be a defense mechanism, a way to intentionally make sure I don’t get too close for comfort with anyone, but that is both an entry for another time and I have done enough self-analysis for the week.

Rather, I would prefer if everything in the mind and psyche was at least somewhat intact and alright, the other frills attached to it are redundant. Alcohol is alcohol whether it be in a bottle or a canteen. People are people no matter what sort of ridiculous costume they have on. It’s sometimes hard to follow the adage of “It’s the inside that counts”, us being the humans that we are, we tend to judge, tend to be predispositioned to either distrust everyone or accept everyone into our circle of acquaintances, but hey, you damn well should try.  People, being as insecure as they are, need to know who they are before they can truly begin to connect with people who they would consider to be kindred spirits with. In layman’s terms, learning who you are leads to the learning of how you interact. By chipping away at the fog surrounding our own self-images, the essence of “self” that we hold, by learning who you actually are can you begin truly learning someone else. If not, if you merely follow the examples of others, not only could they lead you astray, but also, if they do leave your life, for relationships are volatile and can end at the drop of a hat, what are you left with? The identity of someone else in your own body. Self-image; identity is key. By knowing your innermost faults and details, can you then relay them onto the ones you hold dearest, or realize that perhaps they’re really, not the ones you thought you knew.

My novel, week. is 82.142% complete.


3 Comments on “on self-image and something else.”

  1. A says:

    damn. replace “misogynistic” with “misanthropic”.

    that’s what I get for writing late at night.

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