Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.

Savion Glover.

So when they can’t stop, won’t stop, who keeps the tank top? Who reeps the good sleep and keeps the receipts? I see ’em suckin’ up the last drop with those drop-top H2’s, strech H3’s. Wheres the party at, democrat? Sittin’ on a muggy summer bench, sippin’ muddy water, peepin’ newsweek to see whats up with sons & slaughter. Hotter days on the way. Turn your A/C slater up, burn out another ever. Green. Apple now-and-laters, yo, pass that sweet. Man overboard with the same crap, drowned. Dehumanized communities, like black hawk down. They realize immunities to break these towns. So we speak our minds so fluently with these raw rap sounds. Alright, our klondike bars on the line, we need a blind eye turned, ok? For our black gold Texas tea. Ha! You’re kiddin’. There ain’t been good oil in Texas for a minute. That’s why we knocked over our own phones and watched them combust. That’s why we end up in free speach zones, the shock and awes on us. Watch me ex-pat brazillion if 85 percent of those at Guantanamo are civilian. Blood pumps vermillion. Lets dump on the chump populas keeping their focus on Paris Hilton. Hitler found dead, guilty as any internet threat. Big check, probably got a lot of band head all. Night. Vision, all night missions. Alright, christs risen. Tight? Nope, call the prisons. Yikes. We’re done pickin’, the simple dribble the ripple of head-rippers. Suburbonites can get their kibble. The double speakers legit, they say,”Stand up for yourself you worthless peice of shit”. I’ll tell you like this, better off, lose it all, forget it. I’m saying fuck bush cause that douche gets splashed too much credit. But working on kush makes cats so apathetic. We can’t beat him with a bat so we join him and spit the ethic. The oval office and the lobby probably listen to Fugazi, singing,”This ones our’s, lets take another. This ones our’s, lets take another. This ones our’s, lets take another”. And then they dance away clean like Savion Glover.


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