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things I noticed at the H.E.B

At around eleven pm today, during the calm before the calm before the storm that is that hurricane people arbitrarily decided to call “Ike”:

  • Vegetables in high supply, fruits halfway diminished. The entire produce section dedicated to bananas, plantains, and the like completely empty. 
  • The wine “cellar” completely full. The chilled beer completely empty.
  • Two slices of bread, separated from the entire loaf and a ripped bag of mini bagels on an otherwise completely empty bread section. The cookies were still fully stocked.
  • Boxes of diapers blocking my way to a sought-after jar of peanut butter, along with other groceries.
  • Boxes upon boxes of batteries, but not a flashlight in sight.
  • About seven people perusing the different candles being sold next to the office supplies.
  • A lone muffin sitting inside the pastry box. Here’s a picture.
  • Ridiculously long lines for check out.
  • A man carrying two bags of sugar and what looked like Visine. All-night sugar binge, perhaps.
  • A cashier that had been working since the afternoon.
  • An overheard conversation between a man speaking in Spanish and his cell phone. The only line I managed to hear before walking onwards, translated to English:
    “…I’m here at the supermarket but I really don’t have any money to buy anything for preparation…”

That line was what really got to me; I had shrugged off the mass hysteria that was the H.E.B before realizing the dire situation that some people may face and the fact that they really can’t do anything to help it. I want to say I tried to help the man out, because, being the occassional altruistic person that I am, I wanted to, but I didn’t. Instead, I went on to pay for the things we managed to find. I’m not sure if that’s ironic, evil, or both.


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