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show me a sign

I really don’t know anymore, it’s as if everything I did know was, you know, absolute and utter bullshit of the lowest grade (F minus minus). All the knowledge in the world, it seems, and not one piece of it enough to explain the inexplicably disastrous turn of events that has so far occurred. Trapped in the monotony of a dreary “something”, all I can, or better yet,
emo emo cut cut
Things aren’t as bad as they are. Proportions are overblown due to our own naivety. Keep that in mind as the days run together and tensions flare.
i’m really fucking tired.
A friend of mine came up or acquired a quote (I’ve yet to ask), somewhere along the lines of “When you’ve done something right, it’ll be as if you had done nothing at all.”
it’s only been three days.
This post was originally drafted over 2 months ago, most likely in response to something wholly irrelevant or stupid that I managed to do. It’s the whole “angry letter” paradigm, let it sit for a day (or a few months, in this case), and you’ll realize just how petty things really are. You lose sight of what’s “important” and what’s “not”.
this post makes no sense.
Things aren’t as bad as they are. Don’t forget to think. I should get back to work. I should try to write something coherent again.

I should stop.


5 Comments on “show me a sign”

  1. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    That’s Evan’s favorite quote isn’t it? (of course I realize you might have just said “a friend of mine” instead of “Evan” to make it more mysterious and cool.) That quote is from Futurama, by the way. And is that first part about all the random (and interesting, I must say) information you like to whip out sometimes?

  2. Ananta says:

    thanks, captain obvious!

  3. Bel says:

    This isn’t nonsense, it’s completely true. We do have the tendency to blow things out of proportion, but when we look back we see it’s the heat of the moment — after a little while it seems like overreaction.

    And you know, your friend’s favorite quote (is it really Evan’s? I didn’t know him that well but it’s something I believe he would say) is actually not wrong, at all…

  4. THE MAN HIMSELF says:

    Yes yes, it is a quote I like to pass around, and Travis was right – it is from Futurama (from a space probe that collided with God, to be exact)

    “When you do something right, people won’t be sure if you’ve done anything at all.”

  5. Ananta says:



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