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It’s all part of detox.

Ok, I’m thinking there may be a connection to my sleep loss and the fact that I’m detoxing. You see, for a good few months now, I’ve been smoking everynight to the point that I can feel every blood cell running through my vein; which makes it far too much for me to even move. At that point, I fall asleep. And I sleep strong. But since the school year is coming up, and I have far too many responibilities to be constantly half-baked, I’m quitting until next summer. Now there is a period between actively using and being clean. This is called detox. For the most part, I rather enjoy detox. I don’t know if any readers have experianced this. But it’s like running around town with friends for three days, fully drugged up. Then coming home on a sunny morning, and taking a shower. But there are negative affects. Like feeling like theres nothing to do, losing your appetite but retaining hunger, and personal effect I’m dealing with; insomnia.

I believe that my body has become use to taking in large amounts of THC before just giving out. I’ve now stopped and I think it’s got my body confused. Because of this, I suffer from an extreme lack of sleep. And sleep deprevation has been known to cause “nightmares” and even daytime hallucinations. So now, it’s hard for me to sleep, and thanks to the nightmares, I shy away from it when possible.

It’s a sick fucking circle.


3 Comments on “It’s all part of detox.”

  1. Rua MacTírean says:

    I’m on the exact opposite buzz, smoking gives me insomnia. Drink is good for sleep though, I realised yesterday that I hadn’t been to sleep without a drink in nearly a month

  2. Bel says:

    Since you decided to quit, detox is… compulsory. But it’s a good thing you’re doing it before school starts, or else you’d have to go through hours and hours of being awake on school nights.

    And yeah, it’s a sick circle indeed.

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