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The Devil from Alaska

People say that there’s progress in New Orleans, but from what I’ve seen there hasn’t been much. Every house with a red X means people gone, people who will most likely never return. Hollow sky-scrapers loom over the hollow town. The people try to keep their spirits up with clever beer mugs and fried foods. You might see the devil drive by in a used hatch-back vehicle, going past all the gutted homes and shattered stores. I don’t even believe in the Devil or Hell at all, but if he were somewhere he would be in New Orleans, and he would be from Alaska.


2 Comments on “The Devil from Alaska”

  1. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    I am editing this comment, to make my story more “ambiguous.” hah

  2. Ananta says:

    Think it would be better if you left it ambiguous. It was a nice read.

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