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sonnet 2

Was it a misfiring of neurons that led me to look in your direction?
I approached you, navigating through hordes of plebeians just to see your face.
Never have I heard a voice with such a beautiful inflection.
I could not even speak a word, stutters were in their place.

You lightly chuckled.
We were underneath the stars surrounded by people oblivious to our exchange.
I quietly mumbled.
It seems beauty is my confidence’s bane.

What drove your eyes to meet mine is a force that cannot be defined by a book.
Just what the hell did you see in me?
Yet whenever I spoke,
Your face seemed to spontaneously light up with glee.

Forever will I cherish the moment you caught the corner of my eye.
You’re the life of the party when you smile.

[read sonnet 1]


3 Comments on “sonnet 2”

  1. Bel says:

    Awwwwnnn, that’s just the cutest little thing. Are you in love, Ananta?

  2. Bel says:

    So give me a high 5 buddy, I’m not in love either. Hah.

    But that really is the cutest little thing, you know.

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