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what I’ve been up to

I’ve been drinking copious amounts of Sierra Mist lately.

After looking in my general vicinity in Google Maps, a place that I’ve called “The Bayou” since arriving and settling into a city filled with them is actually, or, officially called the “Bering Ditch”. Before this revelation, I used to go there to ‘think’ and ‘meditate’, even though that usually degraded into chucking ketchup packets from a nearby burger joint into said ‘bayou’. I drove over said “Bering Ditch” the other day with a large container of Sierra Mist from some fast food joint that sells Pepsi products instead of Coca-Cola products, and looked for something to do, effectively wasting both gasoline and time.

Someone was running across the sidewalk when I was at a red light. Conventional thinking dictates they’re in a hurry, cynical thinking dictates they’re in a hurry because the fucking cops are chasing his ass, and romantic thinking dictates they’re in a hurry because they’re chasing a moment or opportunity with someone they ‘love’. It has always bugged me that in most films I watch that involve a protagonist in love that when said protagonist realizes that, “Hey, I’m madly in love with someone I’ve just met! And they left over fifteen minutes ago!” their main method of pursuit is not a phone call, not a taxicab,  but a sprint across an unusually congested sidewalk that is accompanied by a ridiculously dramatic musical score. It sells tickets, but it doesn’t make any sense.

Aside from that, I haven’t been waking up with a massive headache for the past few mornings, which is a welcome reprieve from about a month of waking up with what feels like a hangover even though you didn’t do anything interesting the night before. Hopefully this doesn’t cause me to regress into writing the way I did pre-THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK, in which I talked about, and I quote, “A mix of finals, Starcraft and ramen”, though this could be considered as a return to a bloggy-style of writing, albeit more refined.

So tell me, how was your day?


2 Comments on “what I’ve been up to”

  1. Bel says:

    You drive around town just like that? All the action I get is to drive around my condo. But my dad’s car is so huge, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes…

  2. Ananta says:

    Yeah. It’s something to do.

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