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I was faced with my own death yesterday.

No, not really. It was a dream. I spent yesterday with some friends at a so-called Midnight Gaming Championship that was held between the hours of 6 and 10, in which I entered a gaming tournament and only won against an 8 year old before losing horribly in the second round to someone who had too much time on their hands. I did some subtle advertising for this blog, in the form of the URL being on my t-shirt. Yeah, that was me.

It was odd. It was much more ‘lighthearted’ than I expected. It involved myself driving like a crazed lunatic before crashing into an athlete who then proceeded to beat me to a pulp. The weird thing is, I saw it coming. I flashed forward to a newscast, in which the anchor stated, “ONE DEAD IN CAR ACCIDENT INVOLVING STAR ATHLETE SUCH AND SUCH AND OTHER DRIVER, STAR ATHLETE NOT INJURED BADLY”. Thinking about it now, I find it ironic that they cared about the one that lived more than the one that died. I digress, on the grounds that this is turning way too angsty-emo-driven for my own good.

I’ve never actually had a ‘near-death experience’, or even an ‘out of body experience’ for that matter, but what happened next seemed damn close to it. I felt relaxed. I’ve been told from people that were brought back from the so-called ‘brink’ that what they felt was a release of all of their pent up thoughts and emotions, something that noone should be afraid of but are still anyway. Every time I ponder such a scenario, I’m faced with an overwhelming sense of dread, even after all I’ve read, all I’ve been told otherwise.

I suppose it’s because of all of the ‘negative’ emotions associated with it, the sadness, the grief. We rarely consider the feelings and emotions of the other person. I suppose all of this conjecture is thrown out of the window when applied to someone passing on when they are not supposed to. I was either once told or thought that people know when it’s going to happen. Maybe it’s so that they are given enough time to accept the fact and move on to another stage of life.

I woke up soon after, checked the clock in my room, and went back to sleep. The subsequent dream is one that was entirely pointless. I woke up a few hours later with a killer headache and the urge to make something to eat.


One Comment on “dreamt”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    I’ve been having a few little weird dreams lately (not really weird, I can’t find the word to describe them now) but not quite as peculiar as yours.
    I totally agree with what you just wrote: people associate so many bad things with the ‘dying thing’ that we, in our heads, end up not truly believing that it can be somewhat soothing for the person who is going through it. Oh, the wonders of life.

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