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The harrowing wind raged across the plain, scattering pollen, seeds, and dust violently towards the mountains. The time of day was unknown, the only guiding factor to discover what we call “time” was sunlight obscured by a group of clouds. All was not well.

A single journeyman struggled against the wind, in search of something. He had to be the very best. This was his real test. Training them was just his cause.

He had to catch them all.


6 Comments on “nomekop”

  1. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    catch what? pollen? xD i could imagine this being a very good flash

  2. Ananta says:

    For reference, read the title backwards.

  3. Anh says:

    pokemon is love<3

  4. Maria Isabel says:

    I knew it was pokemon!!! Hahaha
    C’mon 0ut0fc0ntext, “catch them all” is pretty obvious. Didn’t you watch those things in your childhood?

  5. Ego says:

    Travis’s comment made me laugh…

    whoever knew there was so much ANGST and MEANING hidden behind Pocket Monsters

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