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hey guys (lawl lawl lawl lawl)

so…hi….I’m travis. i chose this name becasue the zeroes in my name are out of context themselves, so i thought it would be kinda cool. haha, that’s me, captain obvious. so i’m just saying hi (with absolutely no proper capitalization) and i hope this blog will make some hot chicks dig me becasue of my soulful, well-written, blogs. this first one ain’t much like that, but you know i gotta get used to this thing first. who exactly is on this blog anyway, besides ananta? oh and this is a sestina i wrote a while back, i thought it would be interesting. this is how most of my worthless nights are spent, honestly.

The clock tolls midnight.
I sit and play
my videogames a long time
as my parents sleep.
I press buttons: click, click, click.
The videogame obeys my commands.

But it’s hard to make commands
when the clock tolls an hour past midnight.
My constant clicking
slows as I play.
But it’s not time to sleep.
Now it’s time

to move. It’s time
to give a T.V a few commands,
as I try not to sleep.
The clock tolls 2 hours past midnight,
as I sit and play
with the remote: click, click, click.

I’ve been clicking
the remote a long time.
The T.V is playing
with my mind; I’m out of commands
for it. The clock tolls 3 hours past midnight,
yet it’s still not time to sleep.

I don’t even need sleep. Why sleep
when I can click
“volume up” on my music? It’s 4 hours past midnight;
I’ve stayed awake a long time.
The music obeys my commands:
fast forward, rewind, pause, play.

The music continues to play.
I’m in denial, no need for sleep,
especially when I can command
my eyes to stay open. I click
“next” on my musix, no songs left. Time
is my enemy. It’s way past midnight.

The music won’t play, no matter how many times I click.
I’m gonna sleep for a long time.
At the commands of its hands, the clock tolls 5 hours past midnight.


2 Comments on “hey guys (lawl lawl lawl lawl)”

  1. M says:

    “…and i hope this blog will make some hot chicks dig me becasue of my soulful, well-written, blogs”

    hahahaha this is my favorite post of yours. the title is very classy too.

  2. 0ut0fc0ntext says:

    yes! I should be this direct more often
    it seems to work ;o

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