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nine o clock

In pop culture news, there has been a recent sighting of the pairing of the Japanese word “hikkikomori” and a name that starts with (you guessed it) the letter “h” to form alliteration! That is, of course, what the kids like to do these days; that is, match their name with another word to make it sound hip, cool, and utterly awesome.

The word “hikkikomori” literally translates to “being confined”, scientifically translates to “acute social withdrawal”, pretentiously translated to “social recluse”, and colloquially translated to “wannabe hermit”.


Local experts, meaning myself and a fine-toothed comb, have recently perused the writings of various teenagers and there have been interesting developments! It turns out, they call what they write literature! This so-called literature, rife with grammatical and spelling errors, not only is the opposite of a sight for sore eyes, but is also filled with similes such as “The air was hot like a toaster”.


Arrangements have been made for the funeral of the English language. The lack of readership, as well as the use of simplistic adjectives, as shown in today’s modern rap scene, are attributed to it’s death.



One Comment on “nine o clock”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    Portuguese is dying too!!! I hate spelling errors and lack of vocab, but hey. other people don’t seem to care…

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