Prose, poetry, fiction, and rambles from people with a bit too much time on their hands.


Sun Tzu put it eloquently before all of us were born, “All warfare is based on deception.”

Of course, modern society tries to interpret the messages of the past to their own benefit. Warfare is based on deception! We must deceive in order to succeed! Ideals such as common sense, cooperation, and general “niceness” are heretofore useless and unnecessary, as commanded by Lieutenant General Niceness!

Look around! People are changing their appearance, changing their demeanors, just to attain success in the “war” known as their lives! Of course! Elective plastic surgery to deceive their paramours and employers! A perpetually smiling face to make the outward appearances!

“I’m not crazy, I don’t have a shred of individuality! I am here to deceive! I am here to win this war!”

People! The war they fight is not a literal war, fought with either sticks and stones or regiments and heavy-ordinance! No, no, it is a war to attain their so-called dreams! They realize that apparently, the only way to achieve what they consider is their goal is to follow the path of all of their predecessors! By that logic, what ever worked in the past can still work now! God forbid there’s some shred of creativity, and someone breaks the cycle of deception!

If we all change our ways, change our appearances, we’ll all be able to get along just fine and dandy! Attain the goals that we set for ourselves not by our own means, but merely by doing just the right thing and acting just the right way, effectively deceiving our enemies, those who stand against us and our goals, in this war!

Paving your own way, carving a niche, that’s just inefficient! No, Sun Tzu was indeed a genius, “warfare is based on deception”, he says! And he is right! Life is a war, ergo life is based on deception! We must not be genuine! We must not be individuals! We merely must stab every back, deceive every person until we finally achieve that goal, that pinnacle! Let us stand at the apex of our efforts, sharing the same countenance and shedding what ever shred of our genuine selves is left!

We must deceive! We must not be ourselves!


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