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To the left. That’s right, it tilts to the left.

Quite often, I’ll lay in my front yard and just stare at the sky. I take note of the clouds moving across my view. This reminds me that the world is turning.

Which makes me wonder if its the clouds moving or the earth turning that creates this illusion of celestial motion.

Then I consider the possibility that both the clouds and Earth are moving. And then I wonder if they’re moving towards each other in opposite directions or if they’re moving the same direction and one is just moving faster then the other. And they are, then which is moving faster; the Earth or the clouds? And then the odd circumstance pops into my head that if the Earth rotated in the same direction of and at the same rate that the clouds moved, everything would appear completely still.

Universal equality creates a still framed world.


2 Comments on “To the left. That’s right, it tilts to the left.”

  1. Ananta says:

    Nice to see you posting here again.

    That’s an interesting thought… If there was the illusion of stillness instead of the constant motion, wouldn’t astrology, meteorology, and all those other -ologys would be obsolete and stupid. Funny thing, motion…

  2. zdrav says:

    nice consideration of the speed of earth, clouds, winds, whatever else.

    but i must say i prefer to lay at the pool, instead of my front lawn (its on a decently crowded street) and look for animals and faces

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