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the good life

I can’t really be a judge of the good life because, well, my definition of the good life is seventeen hours of sleep, a cup of freshly-brewed milk tea and maybe a book if I want to go ahead and complete the “pretentious art dude” image. But it seems that moments like that really aren’t possible when we’re subject to ridiculous schedules and the ever beeping or vibrating cellular telephones stitched to our sore hands. I’m what people call young, but it seems it is only in body. My mind is a totally different matter, (as hinted by my previous sentence); a few days ago someone handed me a floppy diskette, and I then realized that the laptop I use doesn’t have a floppy disk drive. Take it as you will, but a sense of nostalgia akin to the feeling you get when you read over some old childhood books or toys, dare I say nostalgia for the bygone days of youth, overcame me when I promptly handed back the diskette.

An overly nostalgic person in an ever-changing world; how ironic.


2 Comments on “the good life”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    My mind sometimes is pretty different from my body too (in matter of “years-old”). I feel a lot of nostalgia from the old days, not exactly from my childhood but from past experiences and memories and such. It’s good to remember, and to look at who I am now and think “whoa, I’ve changed”. But I also do miss those times way back, when there were no crazy schedules and vibrating cells.
    By the way, my laptop also doesn’t have a floppy disk slot. I think most laptops don’t. Why did the person hand you that anyway?

  2. zdrav says:

    my mind cannot be compared to my body, because my mind is far more dominant than my body- it controls it

    i enjoy recalling ‘the good old days’ with friends that i have known for a year+, alongside a cup of coffeeee delishh.

    i do not know what a floppy disk is!

    kidding, never checked my laptop yo
    but i doubt it does cause its a 2008 edicion

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