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lets see,

The day that I will write something here again is the day that Snapple tries to appeal to the health-freak tofu-protein-antioxidant crowd. Oh wait. Damn. Before going on, I’d just like to say that a good cup of tea will UTTERLY DECIMATE any non-fat-mocha-choca-ya-ya-soy latte out there, and would probably UTTERLY ERADICATE that disgusting new brew they have at that “coffee shop” everyone goes to.

Yeah, I’ve been trying a new style of writing in which I try to shove in as many non-sequiturs, or random statements for you non-literary asshole types, while still trying to maintain something cohesive. I’m sure it’s called the “108” style or the “Family Guy” style of writing, but whatever.

I haven’t been here for a while. Sorry. Been busy. Apparently everyone else is “super-freakin’-busy, yo” as well, so here I am with something absolutely trivial to let the kiddos know this place is still alive. In the mean time, read up on the old posts, or try your hand at the “Join” page as we try to get this place rollin’ again.


2 Comments on “lets see,”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    I;m not “super-freakin’-busy, yo”, or busy enough, or nothing. I just don’t have much to write about, even though I log on pretty much everyday and all…
    Um, about your comment @ Gossip Junkies: although you used Babelfish, it’s all perfectly understandable. But did you understand the blog?

  2. christine says:

    I am freakin busy, yo.
    canthelp it till summer comes 🙂

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