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what time is it again?

Sitting fairly restlessly on a couch while watching the latest in a series of “That can’t be the father! I’m the father! No f-ing way you dillweed! That’s my baby!” talk shows, the author looks indifferently up at the calendar across the room. It read “March” when it was in fact “April”. Shrugging the slight disturbance off, for it was pretty much negligible in the first place, the author made his way to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of the nearest microbrewery, and sat at a computer nearby.

The blinking line mocked him, for it revealed that there were no ideas to be found at the moment. The ale was absolutely horrible, but was drunk anyway as a means to get rid of a splitting headache that attacked the author since the morning. “Draft saved at 2:26:52 pm” popped up in the word editor. The author found it ironic that what little of the draft that was saved, “Perhaps my soul still thirsts of your presence,” a line from an obscure song by an obscure music group outside of their own country, was going to be erased anyways. The author never really did understand irony.

Another sentence was written. “Draft saved at 2:30:53 pm“, it now read. The author checked the date on the computer’s clock. It read “April”, when it was in fact “March”.


2 Comments on “what time is it again?”

  1. Maria Isabel says:

    Lovely story. And the last time I checked, it’s still April.

  2. […] Hey buddy, there’s a line mocking me too. […]

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