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for certain

If anything, all that’s really for certain is what we have right now.

The past can become convoluted (because a story can be told in more than one way), and the future is just a swirl of possibilities, hope, truth, and a hint of dread. Science and religion could both be wrong, when in fact life, the universe, everything, is actually controlled by the perpetual throw of a celestial pair of dice. Mathematics may be the language of reason, but there is no true definition for reason; merely a set of rules established long ago by someone, somewhere. Never fear the unknown, for therein lies the concept of discovery, I was once told. Never have I realized that the unknown is such an integral part of the universe, until forty-two seconds ago when I began to soliloquize and ponder the true meaning of life.

It can’t be defined, it probably will never be defined, and will stay unknown so that the greatest minds of any era, culture, or species can think of it and come to epiphanies that somehow define their purpose. It may be correct, but it also may still be shrouded amongst the unknown.

All that is truly certain is what we have lying in front of us. Even then we might not know if it’s telling the truth or lying.


3 Comments on “for certain”

  1. christine says:

    ah. makes me think.

  2. martin says:

    u right pretty good ananta
    this is very inspiring for some reason
    i like it

  3. scorpi2000 says:

    We are all time travelers ,
    From the time we are born to the time we all wust die, we are traveling thru time and space,
    In motion every day, mentaly covering ground and physicly moving to the next day .
    Unable to reverse the process.
    Understanding we have a limited time to travel in this physical world.
    Ask yourself where are you going.
    What is your destination before your time runs out.
    Does it matter what you do or where you go.
    And be careful of the roads of life you travel and how much time you spend on them.
    It can only be extended thru your children and the memories left in others.


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