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acids and bases

Life can often be generalized as a quirk of matter, a random set of chemicals and substances that somehow combined with each other to form some sort of “thing” that can carry out it’s own independent actions. I suppose if you were to relate this to one of those tried and true cliches, we’re pretty damn lucky.

If thought is merely a bunch of electrical impulses sent over what we call nerves that stimulate a giant blob of flesh in our skulls that we call the brain, it’s hard to believe that those same electrical impulses, insignificant in size but not effect, caused our world and society to be the way it is today.

The human psyche can always be broken down into acids and bases but that doesn’t mean it can be understood.


3 Comments on “acids and bases”

  1. foreverett says:

    and thats a popular argument against Darwinism

  2. taboruu says:

    How so? Darwinism is merely the belief that we evolved from “inferior” things, and that nature will surely weed out those deemed “unfit”.

    This is merely stating that our minds are possibly and probably a random way that atoms aligned, which caused our perception of self to arise, and that even though we may know what it is, we dont know what it means.

  3. foreverett says:

    as you may not know it takes 120 amino bases for a self replicating molecule to sustain
    and is near impossible for all these amino bases to naturally occur in the correct order
    what ID (intelligent design) suggest that i took a higher power to cause this “reaction”
    Also many Neuro-Scientists have stated the same thing you have stated in complex words and since we can not understand how it came to be they believe that the randomness of the complexity of our brain was created by a higher power

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