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mau tak mau

Like it or not, there will be an end. Take that as you will.

In these fleeting instances we call life, in which we preoccupy ourselves more with our own personal matters instead of the world around us, some things can just manage to slap you in the face. Hard. Pimp slapping a ho’ for not coughing up their money hard. But I digress…

Something tragic occurred today at the place of education that I go to, and a quick search on a Houston-based news website for a story involving a high school and a pool that occurred today, April 10th of 2008, will prove that it is in fact, true. I’ll be perfectly honest right now. I didn’t even know the guy. Not that I’m an antisocial asshole, or that I mean any disrespect, because I’m sure he was an awesome person, Indiana Jones-caliber, even. It’s not the sadness that’s making me think, moreso the loss.

I’m sure you all have heard of the fragility of life a thousand forty-two times but here’s my take on it. Let’s call it, “The Great Journey”.

Let’s be ridiculously rational here: It only really takes one wrong move. To change the outlook to a, say, more optimistic/romantic/irrational-ish way, It takes many right moves. A journey, of sorts. To create, not find yourself, and to live as one wishes. It’s stupid to think that every single heroin addict, every mobster, every corrupt politician can change their ways. Some reform, which is a damn good idea, but others stay on that destructive path. So be it. They chose to keep on going into their own self-destruction, and it’s not my place to preach to people how to live their lives to their fullest. If it’s just the search for the next great high, so be it…

I’ll use a really bad cliche and say that life is like a movie. A really, really shitty one with a damn good storyline. It is, of course, ridiculously bad film-wise, too many jump cuts, weird camera angles, and of course, abrupt endings. The damn good storyline is why we’re here in the first place. I have a friend that writes out stories of her life onto a diary of sorts. I have many other friends that merely take pictures as tokens of the past. For the corollary, there are also a bunch of other people I know that merely shoot the breeze. Stories are only really good when they’re remembered, so print that out for your records.

We don’t have the clairvoyance of some crazed psychic sentient being from planet examineyourzipper, or the memory of an elephant that hides his food reserves in damn good places, so it’s nice to know that there’s something to be remembered if in fact, you do complete the first act of your “great journey”. To hinge on the abstract, death can merely be considered a release, a reprieve from the toils of being in a body. However, if the release is forced, by which of course I mean suicide, you won’t have the experiences, of hardship, dreams, accomplishment, or perhaps love, that you need to continue on to the second act. Life may be fragile, but know that if it does come to a close it has for a reason. You can continue on because you have been through what is needed, you have learned all that you can learn and begin life anew.

It is, after all, a journey that each soul goes through. The paths one take is of course, up to the individual, but know that what you do affects your outcome; something so fragile such as a life, which can end as quickly as the light of a star reaching your eyes, should be used to it’s fullest so that one can be enlightened for the next step in the great journey of our being. Quod erat demonstrandum.


3 Comments on “mau tak mau”

  1. xiao says:

    i like this, i kno i was very shocked when i heard he really passed away and life is indeed fragile, one little movement, one little mistake can change everything, and i really dont know what to write cuz i have a major headache
    but this blog was really good except some words that i dont understand cuz of my poor vocabulary
    but it was nice to read and undertand ur thoughts bout life đŸ™‚

  2. Maria Isabel says:

    I just read the full story on and I’m so sorry about it. And all you just wrote is wonderful and so true, life is indeed ready fragile, and it really just takes one wrong move to make it all go away…

    Oh, what do the latin parts of the post mean? All I understood was “quod”. haha

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