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Frankie went to Hollywood. What about me?

Let’s get talked about, dear people of the world!

Many singers in the past year or months have become known because of a cool MySpace account loaded with songs of their own. Kate Nash, Colbie Caillat, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse… Hey, maybe we should all do that: let’s get together and make up songs about lazy brothers, drinking problems and how much you wanna kiss a boy, get somebody to put some chords together and boom – we’ll have songs ready to be uploaded to MySpace and we’re gonna be this close to stardom!

If that doesn’t work out, there’s always the party-animal option: let’s become Paris Hilton’s BFF and rock out every party in California! Oh wait, that means having to walk around without underwear, having to shave our heads and look like a crazy wacko that hits papparazzi with green umbrellas. So discard that if you wish.

Or maybe we could just call MTV and start a new reality show! You know, all you need is flirty, rich teens that like to feud now and then, look clueless and party on weekends, which is not so hard to find. After that, we make a spin-off show with one of those teens, which will become polemic because of some crazy ex-BFF that wants to steal the limelight by making up lame songs and creating a clothing line that sells for under $60. Yeah, that’ll do the trick!

Well… let’s say the above options still haven’t satisfied you. Then you can just become a tree-hugging hippie that supports PETA and goes chasing Anna Wintour with tofu pies after fashion shows, or a bohemian chic trend follower that dresses like Mary Kate Olsen – not forgetting the Marlboro cigarrettes and the Starbucks venti-sized latte on one hand and a very expensive clutch on the other – or a former personal assistant of a “boss from hell” that wrote a book and made it a big hit. Now that ought to get you on page six of every newspaper, riiiight?

Let’s all forget about going to college and getting stressful jobs in the future. No more studying or worrying about our GPAs or the upcoming science fair! The real deal now is to have stars revolving around your name, papparazzi chasing your car and having to see your own face splashed across some gossipy magazine cover. Come on, let’s go to Hollywood and become famous!!!


3 Comments on “Frankie went to Hollywood. What about me?”

  1. taboruu says:

    That is probably the greatest summarization of our glitz-and-glamor obsessed generation I’ve heard yet.

  2. zdrav says:

    i do not agree with you at all,

    if i had the degree of moeny these stars did i would be going to partys half naked too.
    nothing can stop this catergory of ‘high’ power because of their money and position that their job status holds, entertaining america.

    your attitue against this industry sounds rather disapproving. there the point of having stressful jobs is so earn money, and if you were already born with a lot of money- do you necessarily need to study, worry about GPA or the upcoming science fair? no! because the focus of our current world is to get as much money as possible!

    think about it- if you were born and raised a multi millionare, would you sit worrying about school grades? your parents opinions? no! you have all the money in the world! the possibilites of what you could do with your pressence are INFINITE! be it spend money on venti and malboros, or buying a new impala with 22silver rims, or that versace dress, or those 5g of shrooms and coke!

    also i do not believe that these ‘celebrity stunts’ are pulled for the purpose of seeing who can land the most covers on the front page of people, enquirer, us, but the american paparazzi AND society is so distiribngly obsessed with these pseudoglamorous people , their main focus is to take as many pictures as they can- and create bull shit stories, for the sole purpose of entertainment, hence the name: entertainment industry.

    have you ever seen the live video recordings on E! of how the paparazzi is taking excessive pictures of stars wherever they are, i mean of course the paparazi is bound to obtain some wild pictuers of stars, they are undre 24 hour survailance under the lens of strangers who demolish their privacy

    i certainly know some of the stuff i do would make the front covers of people if they were caught on camera by the media, im sure with you too, and any other person who lives the “worry about the GPA, stress ful work ” life as well.

    it has also been highlighted how the treatment of these stars is different around the world, for example if an american was to see m,adonna they would cahse her for her autograph, but if an englishman was to see her they would simply say hello, and simply continue their day.


  3. Maria Isabel says:

    Tiana, I’m not against this industry! On the contrary, I wanna work in this industry (fashion journalist), and I like it (I enjoy listening to Amy Winehouse and I used to watch The Hills, which spun off Laguna Beach – and I watched that too). But again, that has nothing to do with it…. I just wrote this to higlight how obsessed with the “pseudoglamorous artists” the people of today are.
    And yeah, rich people probably dont care about GPAs and school shit exactly because they have shitloads of money, that’s kinda the point right? They dont have to study to get jobs to earn it, they already have in the first place.
    It was just a “joke”… 🙂

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