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“When nonsense as a discrete entity in itself becomes nonsensical, it forms the perfect portrayal of an ultimation of entropy.”

Basically what thats saying is, “When somethings so silly that even calling that thing silly is silly, then that thing is pretty damn silly.”

Which brings up something I was thinking of earlier, entropy. For those of you who don’t know, the (very brief and diluted) definition of entropy would be the measure of chaos within a society. And that struck me funny. How is it possible to measure chaos? If chaos is only chaos because its lawless, unbound, and unrestricted. How is it possible to place a measurement upon it? Thats like building a government based on Anarchy. And if you are able to measure it. Bind it by a unit. Does it seize to be chaos? Is it controlled? And if in the instant its measured, it seizes to be chaos. Then theres nothing to measure. Is entropy, the measure of chaos, always equal to zero? God, I feel as if I’m working in the field of astrophysics. Which is a topic that poses such questions as,”Heres line AB, point Q in on line AB. If point Q doesn’t take up any space, is it really there?”.  I’d imagine a class on astrophysics to be a bunch of people sitting around going,”But what if..?”

Ok, I’ve gone completely off topic. Or was there ever a topic? And if there was, how much space does it take up?

And if so.. what if..?

Man, I should so study astrophysics.


One Comment on “Ha.”

  1. taboruu says:

    It’s pretty obvious that measurement is pretty much redundant. Defining something ridiculously incredible such as our universe with nothing more than numbers developed by Arabs thousands of years ago wouldn’t really work out.

    Life’s a mystery, it could be there, it could be not.


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